Marathoners can all agree that training can feel like a part-time job. For me it isn’t just the time spent on the run (which is at the higher end of the time spectrum because I’m not too speedy) but also going to bed early and waking up early. The last few weeks with higher mileage […]

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It’s really been two weeks since my last training update? Absolutely. The last days of September were¬†extremely busy as I volunteered all weekend at a local festival and directed a 5k. On top of that was my 18 mile run that I fit in Saturday morning, September 24. I had a running buddy from mile […]

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Less than 50 days to MCM

September 11, 2016

in Fitness, Training

Seeing the weather forecast, I’ve been actually looking forward to this weekend’s long run since Thursday. That’s when I saw it was supposed to be 70 degrees today. After an awfully humid, 75 degree¬†attempt of a run ending in 1.5 miles Wednesday morning, and a humid, 79 degree 5-miler that should have been 8 on […]

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