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July 17, 2017

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Hey!! I’m still here!!

I don’t know HOW I have allowed myself to go almost FIVE months without blogging. Totally uncalled for and there really is no good reason. You have probably noticed over the last year to 18 moths, I’ve been less present on the blog and on social media. Especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

I didn’t make it public before, but since it’s winding down I feel comfortable sharing that since January of 2016, my husband has been working out of town. He’s not in another state, but the job site is a good hour and 20 minutes away from home. We are VERY fortunate that our camp is somewhat close to the job. Home is about 75 miles, camp is only about 25. He doesn’t get a company vehicle or gas reimbursement, and having to start work at 7 a.m. means that when he does stay at home, our alarm is blaring at 4:45 a.m. So, week after week, hubby has lived at our camp and come home on weekends.

So, we’ve found a new normal these last 18 months or so. And I’m not gonna lie….it’s gotten old.

I know there are military spouses who say goodbye during a deployment and don’t get to see each other in person for months at a time. I am not trying to compare my situation to theirs (I know I have it MUCH easier), and I absolutely understand the hardships military families endure. But this is my situation and it’s been difficult. We have been lucky to have weekends together. But there is always so much to try to cram into a weekend from chores and To Do’s to leisure and fun.

I have done such a good job at keeping myself busy (seriously; something in my calendar at least 3 nights during the week and most weekends have an event of some sort) that there have been times I allowed excuses to get in the way of my goals. Actually, there has been plenty of time passed that included NO goals at all. Ridiculous.

I have never hidden the fact that I struggle with consistency and self-discipline. And let me tell you…while I am not in any way blaming my husband or his job (well, I can blame his job a tiny bit but it’s not his fault) it was pretty easy for me to let things slip. I don’t like cooking a meal for just myself, because I don’t want to eat leftovers for 3+ days. So, there were nights I ate popcorn for dinner. Or mornings that I slept in until it I had to get up and hustle to be ready and get to work on time. Guess what? I gained weight.

So, since January I have been working on myself and getting back to happy. I completed the Ultimate Reset (which I already mentioned in a previous post), I participated in a Made to Crave book study and loved it so much that I led my own group a few weeks later!, and most recently I’ve been testing out a few things diet-wise. I’m loving this journey of re-discovering myself and the new things I’m learning about food and nutrition and most importantly, how my body responds to various things.

One thing that struck me last week was a question one of my friends on Facebook asked: “Are you still a Beachbody coach?” That was a bit of a wake-up call to me. Why? Because I AM still a Beachbody coach…but I have certainly not been acting like one. I am supposed to be walking the walk (which, lately, I’ve been doing) but I am also supposed to be sharing my journey and helping others on their journeys. To be perfectly honest, I let myself become a bit embarrassed at how inconsistent I had been, so I wasn’t sharing and helping like I should have been. Facebook definitely is a highlight reel for just about all of us….and I am included in that. It’s a place where we share what makes us happy. It’s a place where I like to spread positivity and not rant and complain. So now it’s time for me to put myself back out there and share the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you’ve read this far (to the end! Hooray!) then I feel it’s safe to assume you will be along for the ride.


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