Lead me not into temptation

March 8, 2017

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The first few months of 2017, I have focused more on getting back to setting goals, eating more mindfully, and expanding my strategy to improve my fitness and build a leaner, stronger body.

In January, I completed the Ultimate Reset…and I realize I never updated the blog with my results. It was a challenging three weeks, as I knew it would be, but I definitely got back in touch with my feelings about food and reminded my palate that there are some vegetables that taste really good besides asparagus and brussels sprouts steamed and buttered. The only negative part for me was some of the food on the plan and the recipes provided. I didn’t want to spend money on obscure items that I was quite certain I didn’t like, so I repeated some meals. I burned myself out on squash and sweet potatoes….I ate those a LOT. Overall, I lost 11 pounds and I felt really good inside. It’s hard to describe the ‘inside’ feeling but it’s like I could feel how clean my insides were. I feel like that sounds goofy, and I swear I wasn’t stuck in the bathroom for three weeks. I just felt like things were working the way they should and the bloat feeling was totally gone too. Funny how I didn’t feel bloated until I wasn’t.

After the Reset, I did allow myself to fall back into some prior habits. While I don’t feel like I let things get totally out of control, I know I could have done better about staying on the wagon of clean eating.

I went back to using my colored containers from 21 Day Fix and I am still working to improve my consistency with those and also limiting my treats.

I started a new round of The Master’s Hammer & Chisel and am feeling good about pushing my body and lifting weights.

One of the best things I’ve done the last few months is join a private book club group where we’re reading “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst. The goal of the book is to help readers satisfy their deepest desire with God and not food. Our group is on Facebook, so we members are spread out around the country. We each bought a copy of the book and our leader posts action steps, thoughtful challenges, and instructions in a private FB group. She then hosts a weekly 30-45 minute zoom call where we can log on or call in and talk about the week’s chapters, nuggets we read that struck us, challenges we faced, and victories we had. The chapters are brief, so it’s a pretty easy read. The author lists a handful of personal reflection questions at the end of each chapter, and those help us dig in a little deeper.

I’ve enjoyed this group so much because not only has it brought me closer to God, it has brought me closer to a few women I knew on an acquaintance level and introduced me to others who started as strangers. It’s been a safe place where we can ask for encouragement and help, share a victory, and really be vulnerable about our struggles with food.

Just today, I faced a big challenge and I felt very weak. The boss brought doughnuts to work and they were on the department snack table just 8 feet or so from my desk. I had an immediate reaction of excitement when I saw them and she announced where they were from (the best in town, in my opinion). Less than a minute after my excitement, I felt weak…almost panicked. It was a feeling I don’t often feel when there’s a treat nearby that I want….I usually either just decide I’m not having it or I get up and grab some. There isn’t normally this moment of ‘What do I do?’ I went right to our group’s FB page, and posted: ‘Help!! The boss brought doughnuts!!’ And, if you use Facebook these days, you know that a post that short will appear in an extra large font on FB. Only when you type a certain number of characters does the text shrink to normal. It was laughable but I really hoped one of my fellow Jesus girls (as Terkeurst calls us) would jump on and see the notification and offer words of support.

One of the big things we are learning while reading Made to Crave, is to pause and pray when temptation greets us. We’ve learned that God created us to be creatures with desire. But we are to desire Him. He is stronger than any temptation, and he has given us more power over any food. While I drank my superfoods shake (that in previous doughnut situations I have finished and chased with a doughnut) I prayed that God would take over. I stayed put while co-workers picked out their treats, and reminded myself that I can have a doughnut anytime….this was a good time for me to practice saying “no”….that I needed to USE my willpower muscle in order for it to get stronger.

It was only a few minutes before one of my group members commented on my panicked post and told me to stay strong. Another shared some encouragement and also some info she just heard on a great podcast (Episode 236 of The Chalene Show, if you want to listen). I kept them updated and it really wasn’t long before the temptation passed. I had made a decision and I was going to stick to it. Around 10 a.m. the boss came and took the box with remaining doughnuts to the break room where they would no doubt be gobbled up quickly.

I felt strong and satisfied, confident that I could do that again. I was so grateful for what I have absorbed from the book and for the support I have from the other ladies in the group. We are nearing the end of the book but I feel a strong urge to read it again but maybe take it a step further and lead my own group. I know I can only become stronger in my faith and in my own relationship with food by helping others navigate through their journey.

I’m looking forward to more growth and self-discovery in 2017 because so far it’s been great.


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