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January 26, 2017

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I’m just over the halfway hump in my 21 day journey called the Ultimate Reset, and wanted to give a little update. If you aren’t familiar with the Reset, here’s the short description: it’s an intense 3-week program that cleans the system and ‘resets’ the body back to factory settings.

The first week’s meal plan includes a little chicken, salmon, and eggs…but weeks two and three are vegan. That’s a big change for someone like me who has meat every day, sometimes both lunch and dinner. This program is TOUGH. There’s no sugar coating that. Oh, speaking of sugar….that’s definitely NOT in the plan. Neither is caffeine, alcohol, or processed food. What have I been eating? A ton of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

I have to say, I’ve been HUNGRY much more. I know that’s actually a good thing, for your body to get to the point where it tells you it’s time to fuel up. Eating just to eat isn’t always a good plan. And sometimes we eat just because the food is there. I think my hunger was a result of a few things: 1. switching from eating every few hours to eating just 3 meals and an optional afternoon snack, 2. eating more correct portions, thus not being stuffed full and becoming hungry sooner, and 3. I simply didn’t eat enough at some meal times.

I’m not gonna lie – – the first week or so I struggled HARD. I had to break the bad habits of snacking anytime at work and over-indulging. That made me really nervous, because the first week is usually the least challenging of the three since meat and animal products haven’t been eliminated yet. How would I survive the second and third weeks??

Somehow, I’m doing it. I’m still experiencing hunger but it’s okay. My body is operating efficiently. And I think the decreasing number on the scale that is helping to motivate me. And as far as mindset goes, it’s a weird thing. My cravings (which were all mental “I wants”) are gone. I am okay with passing up the birthday treats we’ve had at work and the package of Oreos on the snack table near my cubicle. The first week, I still had an open bag about 1/3 full of mini marshmallows. That was my cheat. I’m not going to lie about that! I would shove a handful in my mouth but then that was it. It lasted a few days until they were gone. I didn’t dig into anything else, and there are other foods in the house that aren’t permitted on the Reset plan.

It’s kind of like a switch was flipped somewhere in these 11 days and I have been able to just not want the things I had been eating that got me so far off track. That’s not to say I haven’t thought about pizza, dips, and snacks….I have a few times. But it didn’t bother me much.

The scale has moved, like I mentioned, and I will wait until I’m completely done with the 21 days to reveal what I’ve lost. I’m very pleased with what I lost in just the first week, and I’m hoping more weight comes off.

I know this has to work into my new normal. I can’t just finish the 21 days and go back to eating what I was eating…what would the point of all of this be? So Day 22 will become Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix and I think it should be a pretty seamless transition since I’ve already been eating so clean. Food prep and cleanup takes a good amount of time and I’m getting used to it. And if you make enough at once to last a full day  or more, you’re cooking less often.

I’ve brought myself back to a mindful state. I’m aware of my measurements, my weight, and how I feel when I’m putting healthy foods into my body. I’m aware that I won’t reach my goal in 21 days, or 42 days, or even 63 days. It’s going to take time. But consistency will be the key and I am finally back to a place where I feel like it’s not impossible. Praising God for bringing me back from a place of feeling hopeless, worthless, and powerless.

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