Road to MCM ~ 18 miles

October 2, 2016

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It’s really been two weeks since my last training update? Absolutely.

The last days of September were extremely busy as I volunteered all weekend at a local festival and directed a 5k. On top of that was my 18 mile run that I fit in Saturday morning, September 24.

I had a running buddy from mile 5 until about mile 13, and almost everything about the run was perfect. I left Frontier Park near Erie’s west end of Presque Isle Bay at 6 a.m. It was still pretty dark and I needed my light for a few unlit areas. Traffic along the bayfront started off light, but I was surprised at how quickly it picked up on an early weekend morning.

The lights from Dobbins Landing and the Bicentennial Tower reflected on the calm bay and I had to stop for a quick photo.


Calm Presque Isle Bay just before dawn.

My first mile was pretty quick (for me) and the subsequent 4 miles before meeting my buddy were a good pace as well. It’s a constant and steady uphill once you reach the east end of the bayfront and turn south. It was great that I had a time goal to meet for where and when LeAnn would be, so I couldn’t really let off the gas much. I knew I would have about an hour at the beginning and an hour at the end of my run by myself, so I saved the Best of Friends podcast episode from the week. I loved that listening to the podcast different from music in that it really helped me concentrate on what they were saying and not my run. When I listen to music, I am slightly distracted but I know the words already.

Even with a few planned walking breaks, I ended up at our meeting spot at the exact right time for our meet-up. Honestly that surprised me! Also, to my delight, LeAnn had brought me a cold water and a pack of sport beans!

We powered up the next 4 miles of incline, sharing stories and just enjoying the run. It was nice when we ran through a small chunk of Penn State Behrend’s campus, because I knew the rest of the run was downhill. We picked up the pace a bit on the way back down, I stopped by a pine tree where I had stashed my next Gatorade and we continued on. Then of course, before we parted ways LeAnn obliged me with a quick selfie :)


I was on my way, and it was comforting to think about the fact that I only had about 5 more miles to go. The run went so quick with someone meeting me for the middle part!

The 18 miler went well. The week afterward was rough. I think because I didn’t take a rest day afterward, my body got a little upset with me and forced me to take a break. It wasn’t anything major, but I was just feeling really worn down and exhausted. I had another new buddy for Tuesday morning’s 4 miler, and that’s probably the only reason I got out Tuesday. When the alarm went off at 4:45 Wednesday morning for my solo longer run, I didn’t really even consider getting up. I shut the alarm off, probably with the intention of getting up in a minute, and when I opened my eyes it was 5:30. I thought for a minute about whether or not to get up then, and realized it wouldn’t really be worth it because I wouldn’t get the miles in that I was supposed to. Plus, it wouldn’t hinder my ability to get 14 in this weekend….so I decided to skip the run and get more rest. By Thursday I was finally feeling pretty normal. As normal as possible, anyway.

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