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October 2, 2016

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I don’t really know why, but I was such a big grump this morning. As always, a good run was able to turn my attitude around. Unfortunately, it wasn’t before wrapping up my 5-ish miles with Lexa so she had to put up with my sass. Sorry, friend!

Lexa is one friend I can solidly count on for an early Sunday morning run. The earlier, the better. (She’s a little nuts!) :)

She was meeting me at 6:30 for the first leg of my 14 mile run. (14? Yes. At a certain point in the schedule, the Hal Higdon training plan I’m following bumps the runner up one week for the long run, then drops back the next to help recover for a bigger jump the next week. If you recall, a few weeks ago I ran 16 miles, then dropped back to 12, then up to 18, and this week was back to 14. Next week is the jump up to the big 20, and then we taper.)

I looked at the weather radar around 5:50 this morning while I was getting ready and saw a huge yellow and red rain blob west of my location. The weather app said it would begin raining here in 77 minutes. I was NOT too excited about that. I don’t mind running in some rain, but yellow and red? Thunderstorms? No thank you!

It began sprinkling about 10 minutes into our run. We paused so I could tuck my cell phone into a ziplock bag (I really need one of those new waterproof phones!) and stretched a bit and were on our way again. The rain was very light and almost refreshing. It stopped a short time later. As we rounded a curve I had to take a quick photo of the morning sky. Of course Lexa had to jump in the first one – – but I had to admit to her later that it turned out cute.

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We reached her car, I switched out my almost-gone Gatorade for a new one, and it started to sprinkle again. We quickly took our traditional selfie and I was on my way.


My next buddy was meeting me in a few miles, and he texted me when he arrived to check on my location. I was a little behind where I thought I’d be, so I skipped any walking breaks and tried to pick up the pace a little so he wouldn’t have to wait too long. It’s enough that these awesome individuals are willing to come out and join me for these runs – – I certainly don’t want to make them wait for me!

Before too long, as I was heading west on Route 5 in my bright green shirt, I saw another bright green shirt headed my way on the opposite side of the road. Here came Steve!

I’ve known him for a few years but this would be our first time running together. I was happy to have him join me, and he really helped me through the last five miles.

We talked and swapped stories, and he was cool with whether I wanted to jog or take a walking break. The rain came again, lightly, and left again as quickly as it came.

This was left behind the last time it rained, and of course I had to stop for a photo.


Beautiful, right?

I struggled to push the last two miles or so, and I knew it was because my nutrition Saturday downright sucked. I didn’t make wise FUEL choices, and definitely didn’t have the energy I wanted.

Steve was great about sticking with me and taking a walking break when I needed one.

We didn’t get quite to 14 miles. It ended at 13.12, actually. But I had my eye on the clock and with it being absolutely imperative that I be on time for 11:00 church. I can sneak in a minute late once in a while, but not when I am supposed to be up front with the worship team!

I drove Steve back to his truck and, you guessed it, he obliged my request for a quick selfie :)


I didn’t rest as much today as I should have, but I wasn’t on the go the entire day. Definitely will be heading to bed before the Steelers even reach halftime tonight, and will enjoy a nice rest day tomorrow. Already making plans for this week’s runs and net Sunday’s 20 miler. Feeling confident and strong, and I have to give HUGE thanks and credit to God for answering my fervent prayers to keep me healthy and for the weather cooperating. I prayed this morning on my way to meet Lexa that I wouldn’t have to run through thunderstorms. I don’t know where the big blob of yellow and red went, but it missed me and for that, I am very thankful.

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