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September 19, 2016

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If you’ve been following my road to the 2016 MCM, you may recall that I delayed my 12-mile training run this weekend. Saturday’s planned run would have to happen Sunday.

My best friend Jenn and I had a blast at the Dixie Chicks concert, didn’t get a whole lot of sleep Saturday night, but we headed home early Sunday morning. By 10:30 a.m. I was lacing up my Saucony kicks. After a brief rain downpour passed I hit the road. I tried something different this week; I didn’t take my phone with me. That’s a huge change for me – I always carry my phone for a run. I like to use my GPS tracker apps and also like to have the phone available in case something happens. I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t going to rain again, and I didn’t want to carry my phone in a ziplock bag. So I headed out without it.

I knew the route I’ve run a hundred times would add up to about 6 miles so I would just run that twice. I wore my FitBit so at least I could track my time, and I could estimate my pace later. I was curious to see how my pace might vary – slower or faster – without my app updating me every half mile.

On my way back in the first loop, around mile 5, I was feeling really good. I wasn’t close to feeling sore yet, my stride felt good, my pace felt good, and I had a decent amount of Gatorade left in my bottle. I decided to extend my route and had a good idea of the mileage. I would end at my house with only about 2.5-4 miles left to log. I could stop at the house, grab a new bottle, and quickly map the route I had just done to see how far I had to go to hit 12 miles.

I have been doing something else a little differently on these longer runs – – adding walking breaks early on. I want my body to get used to alternating between walking and running, because there’s a good chance I will need to walk during the marathon. I did last time, and it hurt so badly to start running again. I can’t help but think that helped me!

The run started off nice and cloudy, but still quite humid. The rain that had just passed through didn’t cool things off a bit. The sun poked through the clouds a few times and it was hot.

When I stopped at the house I was still feeling pretty good and the air conditioning felt downright amazing. I was soaked to the skin, and as tempting as it was to just call it a day, I knew that would be foolish. The training schedule is set up like it is for a reason.

I headed back out to get those last miles in. I continued to take a few walking breaks. The clouds were completely gone and I was pretty toasty.

I finished up at home, stretched, and took a cool shower. I was proud of myself for not only getting out with no mental battle, and oddly enough I never whined or moped internally while I was out there. Huh. That just occurred to me right now. Usually I tell myself during the first mile at least, how awful it is or how miserable I am. Interesting…. ;)

I mentioned that one of my running pals commented about how it can be so helpful to get out and run in any weather, to be prepared for race day. After I posted about failing to get the run in, she also shared her viewpoint that sometimes you have to just roll with it and things happen for a reason. I very much agree with that sentiment. There have been many times in my life when something doesn’t go the way it was planned and turns out better than it would have been. Sometimes God has an even better plan in mind than what we were expecting.

If I had run Saturday, and then gone straight to my volunteer shift, and rushed home to change and pick up Jenn for our overnight trip to Buffalo, I think I would not have enjoyed the concert as much and I would have been extremely exhausted. We didn’t get out of the arena until after 11:30, and to my friend’s house and to bed until 12:30. With the missed run and extra sleep, I made it through the day and really enjoyed myself. Sunday I woke up a little tired, but ready to go once we got moving. I still managed to squeeze in a nap while I was supposed to be watching the Steelers game with the hubs. He said I was sleeping pretty good so he didn’t give me any grief.

All’s well that ends well.

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