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September 11, 2016

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Seeing the weather forecast, I’ve been actually looking forward to this weekend’s long run since Thursday. That’s when I saw it was supposed to be 70 degrees today. After an awfully humid, 75 degree attempt of a run ending in 1.5 miles Wednesday morning, and a humid, 79 degree 5-miler that should have been 8 on Thursday….I needed a break from the heat.

I also am officially registered for the Marine Corps Marathon. I completed the bib transfer this past week with a gal who won an entry spot in the MCM Lottery and wasn’t able to do the race. She sold me her bib, we completed the transfer, and things became real. I saw on the MCM Facebook page the other day that race day was just 50 days away. Holy cats.

I had a great spaghetti dinner last night at my friend Stephanie’s home last night as she and her BRF (Best Running Friend) Ramon prepared for their marathon this morning. It was a great evening, sharing stories and laughs and some bangin’ homemade spaghetti sauce and a fantastic cake from International Bakery.



I woke up before my alarm this morning, which I think only happens when I have to get up super early.

Lexa met me for the first leg and we started around 6 a.m. We did six miles and it breezed by. The conversation really makes the miles fly by.


Since our miles ended at my house, I was able to run inside and grab a new, cold drink and use the bathroom quickly. Then I was on my way for about 3-4 miles on my own before meeting my next buddy.

Shana had 7 miles of her own to log today, so she agreed to join me and I figured out where in my route we could meet up. She was energetic and had plenty to chat about, which really helped me. I was happy to have good cloud cover the first 2.5 hours of my run but the sky had cleared up and sun was beating down.

I needed to stop and take a few walk breaks, and I’ve convinced myself (finally) that it’s OK to stop and walk when I need to. I would prefer to run the whole time, but I want my body to at least be somewhat accustomed to the walk breaks so it doesn’t hurt as badly when I alternate.

I’m still really unhappy with my pace in comparing it to the last time I was training for a full. I’m hoping that’s something that will improve as I push a little harder on my shorter weekday runs. Losing a few pounds by cleaning up my diet may help, too.

We reached my house at 16.7 miles and I was only shooting for 16. So I’m really glad I took a short cut on my solo 3-mile stretch.


I had hoped to finish in time to shower and get to 11:00 church, but the short stop at my house and the walking breaks combined with my slow pace, made me finish a little later than I planned. I had a feeling though that if I hustled, I could still make it out to Presque Isle to watch my friends Stephanie and Ramon finish the Erie Marathon. This was Steph’s first marathon and Ramon was with her for support. I parked kind of far away from the finish line but I didn’t know if there’d be parking closer, so I parked and jogged so I wouldn’t miss seeing them. My knees were not happy with more running!

I watched and cheered for runners passing by just before the 26-mile marker. It was inspiring seeing them approach the finish, and push through the pain and discomfort. I waited and watched, nervous that I might have arrived too late. I started heading back toward the finish line, preparing myself to leave if I didn’t spot them. I saw another runner friend of theirs and asked if he’d seen them come by yet, and he said they hadn’t. I was so relieved that I hadn’t arrived too late! We chatted a little, and about 10 minutes later we spotted the bright orange shirt one of the three we were watching for was wearing.

As they approached, I cheered nice and loud and they pushed with a finishing kick. It was awesome to watch!



What a great running day all around. With my run, some jogging, and walking…I ended my day with nearly 40,000 steps and 20 miles. I’m tired, my feet hurt, I need to make a chiropractor appointment for an adjustment after the pavement pounding. But it feels good to have it done and to watch someone else achieve something amazing.

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