More than halfway there ~ livin’ on a prayer

September 3, 2016

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OK so I know those aren’t the exact words, but it had a ring to it so….

15 miles was on the agenda this morning. I was looking forward to a long run in low humidity and cooler temps. It’s been SUCH a humid and warm/hot summer for NW PA. It just sucks the energy right out of me.

I had a buddy for the first 6 miles or so, which was nice because the first miles always kind of suck. Especially when you’re alone! Gwen 0903160809followed me before we started so we could drop my car off, and we went back to her house and started our run. The uphill 3-ish miles weren’t nearly as bad this morning! I left a cold drink on her porch to swap out when we got back. We took a quick selfie and I was on my way.

During miles 7-9 I was blessed with a nice steady breeze. I also turned on the 80s Cardio station on Pandora. I chugged along.

Things got a little emotional around mile 9…I began thinking of my former teacher who is currently battling ALS, and of my uncle was lost his battle with ALS in 2012. Why should I be complaining inside of my knees feeling achy and legs sore, when they would give anything to walk, let alone jog or run?

Screenshot_2016-09-03-09-16-30PYT by Michael Jackson came on, and it pumped me up. That song always makes me think of my dear friend Sara, and we used to always jam out to that one. Sara is Gwen’s sister, and hearing PYT during my run made me feel like I was running with both sisters today! I also had my Strength stone in my pocket, that Sara gave me years ago.160903_120231_COLLAGE-1

I reached my friend Jenn’s house around mile 12. I used her bathroom and grabbed an ice cold water from her fridge. I took a few minutes to shake the tiny pebbles out that had crept into my socks. It felt good to take the short break!

I got back on the road and knew I only had about 40 more minutes of running ahead of me. Fatigue didn’t really start hitting me until mile 13. My head was pounding, everything was hurting, and I was ready to be done. I had parked at my church, and I got back to the car around 14.64. I ran around the perimeter of the parking lot and back and forth on the sidewalk out front until my running app hit 15.00. That was it for me. I stretched, stopped at Country Fair for a water and gatorade and pre-made small combination sub and headed home.

There is still so much doubt in my head about how I’ll manage 26.2 miles if I’m feeling like this after 15. But I *know* I haven’t been running the weekday training runs like I should. I also know my nutrition has sucked. If I can dial in the nutrition this next month while I continue to build mileage, AND don’t skip any more shorter training runs, I should be able to pull things together.

0903161026 Screenshot_2016-09-03-10-26-06

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