Half Marathon #6

July 25, 2016

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I signed up months ago for two half marathons this summer, partly because it would force me to train and run more and partly because I love adding to my collection of medals!

Half marathon #6 took place Sunday, July 17 at Presque Isle State Park. It came about 5 weeks after the last one I did, and I felt more prepared and confident about this one.

The weather was nearly perfect for a mid-July race. We started a little after 7 a.m. with temps in the low 60s. The sun rose and heated things up but the humidity was lower than it’s been the last few weeks. There were plenty of water stops. The race director added a few more than originally advertised, and there was also a nice surprise somewhere between miles 8.5-10 that included volunteers handing out sturdy paper towels soaked in ice cold water. That felt amazing on my neck!

I also had a buddy for this race, which makes such an immense difference for me. The voice in my head can be so loud sometimes, and it’s much less tempting to slack off when someone else is by my side. There’s an accountability factor in it for me, and it works.

Sidetone: I have to mention how this running buddy came to be: Lori reached out to me after I posted one of many many sweaty selfies on Facebook, and asked when we ran and how far, what kind of pace, etc. She asked if she could join sometime. So the next week, she joined Lexa and I on our weekend run. I think it was a 4 miler. As we ran and chatted, I told Lori I was training for a half marathon and long story short, after a little encouragement she decided to go ahead and sign up for the P.I. Half herself! She said if she was going to be running with me anyway, she may as well sign up. This girl had never run more than 5 miles! It was so awesome every week watching her add another mile and another mile, and each week she was running further than she ever had.

Okay, back to the P.I. Half.

I started feeling some pain in my left knee around mile 9. I was aware of it but pushed onward with caution. Thankfully, the pain subsided. It did return a few times but it wasn’t so strong that I had to stop. My pace slowed a bit but I didn’t have to stop and walk. My training and race buddy, Lori, was rocking it. We had talked before the race and agreed to stick together but if one of us were feeling good, we gave the other permission to take off ahead. Lori had reached that point around mile 10 so I assured her that I would be fine with the knee and she quickened her pace.

I’m so proud of her for doing that, and she rocked her first half marathon. She finished and waited for me and I crossed the finish line around 2:54…about 8 minutes after her.

I was hoping to finish in 2:45 but you never know what to expect on race day. The weather cooperated pretty well, but the knee did not. I ended up being fine; the knee didn’t cause me to stop and walk; but the twinge of pain came and went a few times. I didn’t know why and didn’t want to push and injure it. I’m pretty sure now that it’s my shoes. They need replaced. Old and ill-fitting shoes can affect not just your feet, but your knees, hips, and back. I’ll pick up a new pair next week.

#6 is in the books!

#6 done!

#6 done!

My training buddy, Lori, and me after we finished

My training buddy, Lori, and me after we finished

Nice mix of sun and shade as we ran along Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie.

Nice mix of sun and shade as we ran along Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie.

Dad July 26, 2016 at 8:37 am

Good job, Tracy!! I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do, and still train and run.

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