Almost halfway and I’m in love

January 30, 2016

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I realized something in the middle of my workout today. I had to take a quick break to sip some water and wipe the sweat away that was stinging my eyes, and try and catch my breath, and I felt a big grin come across my face. It was then that I realized…27 days ago I started this program (The Master’s Hammer & Chisel) and every morning I’ve gotten up, drank my Energize, let the dogs out and changed into workout clothes, tied up my sneakers and headed to the chilly basement to push play because I had to. With 4 minutes to go in Chisel Agility today, I realized I’m actually enjoying it. I started it because I had to, but now I’m doing it because I like it!

Sure, I look forward to the workouts and love the way I feel when I’m done; but the feeling I had during today’s workout was different. It was actually very similar to a runner’s high!

This morning was a nice, slow-starting Saturday. I got up and relocated from the bed to the recliner, where I watched a few weekend shows (Lucky Dog always makes me cry!) and finally around 11:00 I knew that I’d better make my way downstairs and get moving on my workout so I could get started on the rest of my day. Honestly, I don’t love Chisel Agility; there are plenty of other workouts in this program that I would rather do. But I know it’s necessary, so I pushed play.

The second exercise is Plank X Taps. While holding plank position, you follow Autumn Calabrese’s commands to either lift and tap with your right front (hand), right rear (right foot), left front (hand), or left rear (foot). It’s a really hard move for me, especially for 60 seconds! The other times I’ve done this workout, I made it about 20 seconds before I needed to take a break and jump back in for the rest of the 60 seconds. Sometimes two breaks. Today, I made it 40 seconds before needing a short 10 second break and got back in, so I ended up doing the move for 50 of the 60 seconds. That was HUGE! I had to pause the DVD and text a fellow H&C-er who I knew would understand my victory.

There were a few other exercises that i was able to do much longer than before, and for some others that weren’t as challenging, I made a conscious effort to push harder

I was absolutely drenched halfway through.


I will be taking progress measurements and pictures on Monday and I’m anxious to see what’s changing. I know the scale hasn’t moved a whole lot but my pants are fitting differently and I just feel different, if that makes sense. I can feel a difference when I walk, and I’m hoping measurements tell the same story!

I’m only approaching the halfway point in this program and I know from reading others’ stories and results, that the real progress will come in month 2. I also know I have room to tighten up on my nutrition, because that’s where the real magic happens.

What really excites me about Hammer & Chisel is, I haven’t felt this way about a workout program in a long time. Chalene Johnson’s TurboFire is the last program that I really fell in love with and looked forward to doing each day. Other programs that I’ve done have had their moments, and it’s not that I didn’t LIKE them….but I just feel so great on this program.


**For those of you reading and following my Hammer & Chisel journey who are interested in giving it a try, it IS on sale through 1/31/16. I don’t know if they’ll be extending it or not – – it was already extended once. So I highly recommend jumping on this deal now if you’re curious and want to give it a try! Shoot me a message and I can give you all the details and help you save some money. I would LOVE to have more folks join me and together we can all get “Hammered” and “Chiseled”!!

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