Willpower is a muscle…

July 26, 2015

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I heard at some point the saying that “willpower is a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it.” I love that, because it’s so true! I have struggled over the years with consistency, and willpower really helps with that.

I started a new round of 21 Day Fix last Monday and it’s awesome how quickly the willpower muscle can be strengthened as you follow a plan, start feeling better, and know that you are moving toward your goal. I weighed myself on Day 5 because I was just curious and couldn’t help it, and I was down 4 pounds. That even included missing the Thursday and Friday workouts. More importantly than the workouts, I was pretty good at staying on track with my food and avoiding the high calorie, addicting treats that would leave me craving more sugar and not filling my belly.

It’s pretty cool how my confidence grows after just a few days of staying on track. I’m more motivated to continue on the straight and narrow, because I know it’s working! The consistency of staying on plan with my nutrition spills over into other areas of my life.Will-Power

I had a tough time when I started a new job a few months ago, because it’s a larger workplace with more employees and it seems there is always someone bringing a treat to share. Bagels, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, brownies, it goes on and on. At first, I participated because what the heck, it’s just one cookie. Or it’s just a bagel. Or it’s just one, just one. But when I realized after the first few weeks that these ‘just ones’ were going to keep going as people kept bringing in food, I knew I had to stop. Those treats really add up and can do some major damage to someone pushing towards a goal!

Call it willpower, call it ‘won’t power’, but whatever you call it just know that it will grow stronger with each time you say no to something that will not move you closer to your goals!

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