About Me


I was always the ‘chunkier’ friend in junior high and high school. I wasn’t “the” fat girl, but I was usually the heaviest in my circle of friends.

I had enough self-image issues by the time I got to high school, that when I was in 11th grade I began working very intently on losing weight. I didn’t do it the healthiest way but when combined with moving a lot more I was able to drop 40 pounds. My self-esteem improved a bit, and I was fortunate in college to keep pretty active and not gain any weight until my senior year in 2001-02. Coincidentally, senior year was also when I had the largest credit load in school, along with an internship and a job, and was hitting the bar and enjoying drinks and pub food.

Throughout my 20’s, I gained weight gradually, but it’s just as bad as quick weight gain because you don’t even realize it’s happening. Until you try to fasten the largest pair of capri pants you own (the kind with the hidden elastic) and they’re digging in because they’re so tight…

I’ve always been a positive person. Even in my high school yearbooks, people would mention in their messages how smiley and upbeat I was, and how they enjoyed being around me. The older I got, the less active I became and the more weight I put on…it led me to no longer feel like the same person. I still had the upbeat exterior, but inside I was feeling more sad about where the ‘old me’ had gone.

Three years ago I decided to take control and make some changes. I started Weight Watchers, started running regularly and signed up for multiple races, and in December 2010 I found Team Beachbody and joined as a Coach. That was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

I primarily joined as a Coach because it would not only offer instant accountability to me as I continued on my weight loss journey, but because I could earn an income helping others. I had learned a lot about what worked and didn’t work and knew I could help others realize their potential and be successful.

Prior to plugging into Team Beachbody, I lacked self-confidence and had shaky self-esteem, I was stressed about money ALL the time, and I never felt like I had traction. Since becoming a Beachbody Coach, I feel valuable and confident, I am paying extra on bills and making the payments early instead of mailing a check and hoping it wouldn’t try to clear before the direct deposit paycheck went in. And an unexpected byproduct of my Beachbody business? I have made some really great friends! I have developed friendships with other coaches and have developed deeper relationships with friends who trust me enough to let me help them push toward their goals.

So here I am.

A regular person on her own journey…here to help YOU on YOURS.